Chalcogenide Glass

 Chalcogenide glass is melt formed and can be cast or slumped into most any size or shape. The material offers high optical homogeneity at low cost Plates up to 12" X 18" are currently available. The upper use temperature is 300ºC with no free carrier absorption as is found in crystalline materials. The 8-12µm dispersion of 113 is an ideal value for pairing with germanium for a color corrected lens design. The low thermal change in refractive index (72 X 1O -6/ºC) is a definite aid to systems designers in trying to avoid thermal defocusing. The glass transmits some red light making it possible to use as a window material covering both atmospheric windows (3-5m m and 8-l2m m) as well as the YAG laser wavelength at 1.064µm.

Chalcogenide glasses with excellent infrared transmissive are used in highly developed infrared optical systems such as: thermographic cameras ,as well as in mass-produced, simple IR systems ,and other infrared optical systems of communication and information transfer.
Benefiting our potent resources and close partners across China,LASERTEC enables chalcogenide glass the ideal candidate for medium to large volume thermal imaging and other infrared optics applications at competitive prices.
Our policy is to understand our customers expectations and to manufacture products meeting or exceeding those requirement. Our standard quality for chalcogenide glass components is: 40/20 (surface S&D)and 1/10λ(Surface Accuracy ). For chalcogenide glass materials or custom-designed components,
Typical Specification
Clear Aperture                 90%
Dimensional Tolerance   +0.0/-0.1mm
Thickness Tolerance       ±0.1mm
Center Thickness Tol.      ±0.2mm
Surface Quality             20/10
Centering                         3-5 arcminutes
Surface Accuracy           1/10λ@10.6μm
Parallelism                      <1 acrminute