Glan Laser prism polarizer is made of two same birefringent material prisms that are assembled with an air space. The polarizer is a modification of the Glan Taylor type and is designed to have less reflection loss at the prism junction. The polarizer with two escape windows allow the rejected beam to escape out of the polarizer, which makes it more desirable for high energy lasers. The surface quality of these faces is relatively poor as compared to that of entrance and exit faces. No scratch dig surface quality specifications are assigned to these faces.



Close to Brewster's Angle Cutting
High Polarization Purity
Short Length
Suitable for low to medium power online_ordering where the rejected beam is not required



a -BBO, Calcite or YVO4
Wavelength Range:
a -BBO: 200-3500 nm, Calcite: 350-2300 nm, YVO4: 400-5000 nm
Extinction Ratio:
Calcite:<5x10 -5 ; a -BBO:<5x10 -6 ; YVO4:<5x10 -6
<1 arc Min
Surface Quality:
Beam Deviation:
< 3 arc minutes
Wavefornt Distortion:
Damage Threshold:
>500 MW/cm 2
Single MgF2
Black Anodized Aluminium

Standard Products


Part No. Wavelength Rang(nm) Extinction Ratio Angular Field(°) C.A. (mm) O.D (mm) L±0.1(mm)
PGL6206 According the material <5x10 -5 >6.0 6.0 15.0 12.0
PGL6208 8.0 25.4 15.0
PGL6210 10.0 25.4 20.0
PGL6215 15.0 30.0 34.0
PGL6220 20.0 38.0 48.9